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do you ever feel like you love a character more than their own writers do

//You know what would be awesome? A Kingdom Hearts game where you can just pick a character and fight other characters in any world of your choosing.


i just want demyx to come back in kh3 like this

A naked, fresh out of the shower Ax appears out of nowhere for cuddles. He's making up for lost time obviously, and wants to get in all the cuddling he possibly can.

Demyx was sitting on the bed reading a manga when Axel came out. He smiled and hid his face behind the pages of his book. “That was fast.” 

"You poked me?" he asked with a smirk.



"Hehe, yeah, just wanted you to know I was still alive." 

Kuja chuckled and magically made an aquamarine gem appear in his hand, he enchanted it and handed it to Demyx.  ”Through this, you can speak to me mentally.  Anytime in fact.”  he spoke.  He gave it to Demyx and smirked.  ”It also seemed to be a gem that would fit you.”  he spoke.  Kuja folded his arms.  ”As for technology, yes this world is behind, but we have magic.”  he said.

The blonde watched in wonderment as Kuja made the gem appear. He took it, admiring the color and the beautiful glint it made when he turned it over in his hand. “Thanks,” he murmured. Magic; Demyx learned that in many ways it was far more powerful and useful than technology could ever be. “So, I can contact you anywhere, anytime? Even if we’re both in different worlds?” 

*appears from a portal and hugs him from behind* "Phil, buddy!"



Rude nearly knocked the kids head off his shoulders but instead, opted to just pry him loose from his considerable person.

"Try knocking next time."


"Not that no one had seen before but there has been some issue with the fact that a species we thought were dead has cropped back up." Rude leaned back against the wall as he explained.

"A long time ago, when Midgar was just coming togehter, there were these dark creatures in the sewers - Creeps they were called. They seemed to disappear, but we’ve been getting reports of them being back."

He crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes, “I’ve not seen them myself but some of the old timers say that what is being described is not a Creep they remember. Creeps are kind of flat, almost two-dimensional. These are shorter and 3D.”

"Huh…" The blonde plopped down on the floor, cross crossing his legs and making himself comfortable. "So, a creature that’s existed before, except it looks different." 

From the sound of things, it was possible that Heartless finally started to pop up in this world. It always started off as just a few here and there. But the numbers would grow as time passed. If that happened, there wasn’t much Demyx would be able to do about it outside of reporting it to his superiors. 

"Well, if it really is what I’m looking for, then it would explain why the people who ‘died’ didn’t show up in the stream place." He smiled a little. "Because they wouldn’t actually be dead." 


Kingdom Hearts II Chapter 61: Contrary Princess

Wayyy later than I would have liked due to busy days and rushing to finish 1.5 before 2.5’s release on Thursday, but here it finally is!

[Chapter 57][Chapter 58][Chapter 59][Chapter 60]

Summary: As Sora watches Demyx fade away, he starts to wonder whether or not Nobodies really do have hearts. Jiminy is worried, as if Sora is unable to fight both Heartless and Nobodies, then only Donald and Goofy could follow through.

They are attacked by Xigbar because Sora was making such a “serious face”, and proceeds to make remarks similar to those that are in the game.  He sets Heartless after them, telling Sora that it’s thanks to him Kingdom Hearts has gotten as big as it is.  Not wanting to use his keyblade, Sora starts using magic to fight, which then spurs Xigbar to get in on the action.

Suddenly, Kairi throws her keyblade from the opposite balcony and then calls it back (surprised it actually worked, with Riku praising her from behind).  Sora is unable to see what’s going on, but Kairi puts on a brave face, saying that she won’t let Xigbar get away with anything else now that she’s arrived.  Riku takes a shot meant for Kairi, and declares himself Xigbar’s opponent while telling Kairi to go help Sora.

Which she does with gusto, claiming that she’s come to save Sora (“IT’S THE OPPOSITE—!!”).  Meanwhile, Xigbar is criticizing Sora, saying he isn’t reliable, but Riku shoots back that he knows nothing.  Kairi spurs Sora to fight on with the Keyblade despite his reservations—does he just want to let the Organization get their way?  Sora’s ready to fight once more—after all, says Riku, as long as they’re around, Sora’s invincible.

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"Hey, carrot top!" Demyx cried out, spotted the male before hooking an arm around his neck. "Long time no see!"



Wha—hey!" Neku had barely had enough time to spot Demyx before an arm was wrapped around his neck, jerking him to the side. Though he definitely didn’t waste any time pushing the others arm right back off. "Yeah. Long enough for you to forget I have an actual name, huh?


I guess…" Neku let his voice trail off, his hands finding their respective pockets as a pause fell between the teen and Demyx. It still seemed a little weird in his perspective, though. Completely forgetting about the place you were born and hoping a sight or smell would bring all that back? It sounded more like a shot in the dark at best.

…Maybe that just how it was meant to be, though. It’s not like you need to find out. As long as you find a place you’re happy with, it really shouldn’t matter if it’s where you’re from or not, right? The main thing it is feels like home, I guess.

"Heh, is that your way of trying to cheer me up?" The blonde asked with a small grin. "I haven’t known you for that long, but that doesn’t seem like a ‘you’ thing." He gave a soft laugh. "But I appreciate it." 

The guy’s words did help lift the weight a little. It was true, he might never know for sure if this was really his home or not. But he did have a place he could call home. A place where he belonged. That was more than enough for him. 


16. I’m about as regal as a potato.

And you’re as graceful as a penguin on land.

"I’m fine with that. Penguins are majestic creatures. And they can dance real well, too." 


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